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  • Development Hell: 7 years after the project began and it's still in development. That said, at least it is still in development, unlike all the other projects inspired by Katawa Shoujo.
  • Follow the Leader: The project arose in the wake of Katawa Shoujo, like so many others, but it is the only one that has managed to survive to the present.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The tentative name for the game was Mentaru Shoujo.
    • The early art was more animesque. While the Japanese influence is still prominent, the art style and character designs are a bit more western in the final product.
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    • One of the most noticeable changes are the differences in characters between the first concept art shown off and the first demo: Natasha and Natalya Holm ended up becoming Natalya and Sofiya Volkova. With the change, they went from almost-identical twins to looking much more obviously fraternal. Their height difference was changed, plus they were given more physique and facial differences. Jeanne was originally slim like everyone else but was later redesigned into a Big Beautiful Woman. The earliest concept art of Lena shows she was actually meant to have enormous Gag Boobs, while the final version is actually flat as a board. Early designs of Katja also appeared to be rather small and soft, compared to her current state as a Statuesque Stunner bordering on Amazonian Beauty.
    • Sofiya was originally meant to be a student at the school alongside her sister. Later on she was changed to instead just looking after her sister.

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