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Trivia / Mimosa Crossroads

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  • Doing It for the Art: All the roleplayers contribute to this site and the ongoing narratives purely because they want to. There really isn't any other reason to keep a roleplay going, but if the roleplayers didn't do this for the art this roleplay and continuity wouldn't have lasted nearly as long.

  • Old Shame: Due to the nature of this roleplay and the occasional instances of Aborted Arc , sometimes arcs and characters are aborted because their player becomes ashamed of them. A notable example is the PLAGUE arc, which featured a very poorly-written villain and relied on certain non-feasible things happening to make this villain look like a threat. The player who attempted to carry out this arc now sees it for the overly cheesy failure it was.

  • Word of God: Occasionally, information about certain characters and shards that doesn't quite make it into RP is revealed in the chatbox.
    • The E-suffix in Earth-E stands for Evil. The evil counterparts of Earth-C's heroes all exist there. Cyan's Earth-E counterpart was explicitly confirmed, but we got hints that E-Cris also exists, as well as E-Uncle Sam.
    • On father's day 2018, it was stated that Miss Cyan was Not So Different from Mako when she was his age.

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