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Trivia / Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

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  • Bad Export for You: Inverted: Walt Disney Home Video's first Region 1 DVD of this movie presented it in Pan and Scan, while Region 2 received a widescreen DVD. The Blu-Ray and Digital HD copies rectified this, by finally making the widescreen version available in North America.
  • Children Voicing Children: Outside of Donald's nephews, all the child characters are voiced by actual children, such as 11-year-old Shaun Fleming voicing Max.
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  • Protagonist Title Fallacy: The title for the first segment makes it seem that Donald is the main character, but the focus is actually on Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Daisy is voiced by Diane Michelle in the Gift of the Magi rather than Tress MacNeille. However, Tress would later re-dub for the voice for subsequent releases of the movie (including the Netflix version).
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Rubén Cerda became the official voice of Mickey starting with this film. He voiced the character in all related media for five years until he was replaced by Arturo Mercado Jr.
  • What Could Have Been: For the Latin American Spanish dub, Arturo Mercado Jr. was recommended by Raúl Aldana, the creative director of Disney Character Voices International's Latin American division at the time, to voice Mickey for this film. Due to his nervousness, however, veteran actor Rubén Cerda was instead cast as Mickey. Ironically, Mercado Jr. ended up replacing him in the sequel, and went on to become Mickey's official Latin American voice-over artist.

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