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Trivia / Michelangelo Antonioni

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  • Big Name Fan: Akira Kurosawa was a major admirer of his films, as was Alfred Hitchcock who considered him his favorite among the art-house film-makers. Hitchcock planned a project in The '60s called Kaleidoscope that would have been inspired by him, but it was seen as too experimental and violent by his producers.
  • Black Sheep Hit: His most famous and successful film is Blow Up largely because of it setting, use of music and for its breaking of the nudity taboo of The Hays Code. This has obscured his earlier films which were set in Italy, colder in style and a lot more moody. Likewise, Blow-Up alongside The Passenger also have strong male leads, when most of his other films had female leads.
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  • Creator Couple: He and Monica Vitti (who appeared in five of his films) were in a relationship for The '60s and they even lived together.
  • School Study Media: More or less the whole oeuvre of Antonioni starting with Il Grido and ending with The Passenger.
  • True Art Is Boring: For many modern viewers. But his work was referred to as Antoniennui already back at the time.
  • What Could Have Been; Antonioni was eager to engaged either Gina Lollobrigida or Sophia Loren in La Signora Senza Camelie. He did not succeed with both.


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