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Trivia / Metroid: Zero Mission

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  • Ascended Fanon: After 14 years of only being an unofficial fan romanization of the Ridley Robot's Japanese name, "Mecha Ridley" was finally made official by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Final Boss droid shaped like Ridley (known as the "Ridley Robot" in official English sources) has been dubbed "Mecha Ridley" by fans as a romanization of its Japanese name; this probably gained a lot of traction due to being similar to "Meta Ridley". For reasons unknown, the speedrunning community calls it Iron Ted.
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    • Speedrunners often refer to the Ruins Test as Charlie.
    • The Charge Beam Beast is often known by the popular nickname King Worm, which is a flavorful interpretation (but not a literal translation) of its Japanese name.
  • Jossed: Some fans theorized that the Space Pirate Mother Ship became the Wrecked Ship in Super Metroid, due to its music being a remix of the Wrecked Ship's and containing the same robotic enemies. However, Yoshio Sakamoto said that the Wrecked Ship is actually the few rooms separating the Chozo Ruins area from Crateria encountered before the Mother Ship arrives, and the Work Robots are commonly used in spaceships by multiple factions.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Artistically, Zero Mission was originally designed with a cartoony look that resembled a more detailed version of the original game's graphics. The design team later changed it to the mostly realistic-looking version it is now, after deciding a game with more realistic graphics would do better in North America, where the franchise is more popular.
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    • Crocomire can be found in the game's files, seemingly indicating that he was going to be included in the game (and the game was meant to tie into Super Metroid more), but was ultimately cut. Interestingly enough, the Crocomire sprite here lacked the rough skin traditionally found on Crocomire, indicating that the player would damage Crocomire due to in-game events.
    • Also from Super, they initially had the ability to turn certain items on and off, but this was later cut for unknown reasons. However, as sprites for every possible loadout still exist, it's possible to restore this feature with the right code.


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