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  • Acting for Two:
    • Anthony Sardinha voices both Lamar Williams and Dr. Sheridan.
    • Elsie Lovelock voices Evelyn and Bo.
    • David J.G. Doyle voices both Lucks and the Elder Tomato.
  • Channel Hop: The first season aired on the main SMG4 channel. Season 2 aired on the new standalone Glitch Productions channel.
  • Creator Cameo:
    • Kevin voices various Bot Boys throughout the series. Luke gets in on the action in the Season 2 premiere by voicing a Bot Boy facing off against another one voiced by his brother.
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    • Luke and Kevin voice two of the streamers in the pods in Episode 3 and a couple players on the team of soldiers in the Hidden Heroes match in episode 16 who complain about Masa and Lamar's team-killing.
    • SMG4 is one of the names visible in both the stream chat and in the leaderboards in the same episode, as well as Kevin's social media name "kevdevz" and "HomelessBrothers", a Captain Ersatz of Hobo Bros.
  • Creator's Favorite: Surprisingly, Evelyn. The Making of Meta Runner reveals that most of the staff liked her because she had the most personality and dynamic with Tari, in a Love to Hate kind of way.
    "Evelyn's not a person. She's a state of mind."
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Theo, who is male, is voiced by Robyn Barry-Cotter, a female cast member.
  • Defictionalization: Tari's hoodie exists as official merchandise on the Glitch Productions Store.
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  • Fake American: Deep-voiced Lucks and Masa have American accents but are respectively voiced by Australian actors David J.G. Doyle and Brendan Barry-Cotter.
  • He Also Did:
  • I Knew It!:
    • Lucinia being a Virtual Ghost in the TASCorp server started to gain wind in early Season 2 given the numerous hints that she was helping Theo and Tari. The Season 2 finale confirms this, having her, or at least part of her, appearing to Tari after she sends Theo back to the real world.
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    • From the very beginning of the series, two highly prominent theories as to Tari's past were that she was an A.I. or that she was Lucinia, with the biggest evidence being that she was never shown in the Project Blue flashbacks despite Dr. Sheridan explicitly addressing her. The Season 2 finale reveals that both theories are correct in a sense. Tari is the combination of fragments of Lucinia's consciousness and the AI that was downloaded into Lucinia's arm during Project Blue.
  • Series Hiatus: The series took an extended break in 2021 while Glitch worked on Sunset Paradise and Murder Drones.
  • The Other Darrin: In the teaser trailer for Season 2, Bo was voiced by Aimee Smith. But when she was spun off into her own videos, she was voiced instead by Elise Lovelock.
  • Trailer Delay: The original trailer for season 1 promised a release date of June 2019. It was later pushed back a month to July to add some extra polish to the visuals.
  • Trolling Creator: One of the most notorious aspects of Season 1 was the numerous episodes that ended on Cliffhangers, including the season finale. The GLITCH channel left a comment on Nathanial Bandy's video "How Meta Runner TRIGGERS You!", where he points this out, promising that Season 2 would have less cliffhangers. Season 2 ended up having, if anything, more episodes that ended in cliffhangers, with the season finale once again being among them.
  • Troubled Production: Kevin charitably described the production of Season 1 as “organized chaos”. In short, Kevin and Luke went in with basically zero experience in professional animation, and what they thought would take one month to make ended up taking two years instead, with them pouring in basically all their money into making it. The first two episodes ended up needing to be redone after Kevin realized they didn’t gel well with the rest of the series due to his process of writing the season as it was being produced. Luke also recalled staying up until 3 in the morning just to get stuff done on it. And all this while the two were still working on their other shows. This was averted by Season 2, Kevin and Luke were able to get the season done in half the time as the first, thanks to the experience they gained and an expanded production crew.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Meta Runner Wiki


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