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  • Banned in China: Thinking of picking up Playground of Destruction in the Koreas or World in Flames in Venezuela? Don't bother.
    • Both games make efforts to avoid offending their targets, but it isn't really enough; particularly when a cheat code allows for Han Solo to run around North Korea, blowing up temples and monuments. Both games caught flak from western game reviewers for this reason (EGM in 2005, and Zero Punctuation in 2008).
    • In the case of South Korea, it is not so much about taking offense as it is about political tension: The Koreas are still *technically* in a state of war, so any media without a strong historical basis which portrays them fighting is just too risky to allow. Particularly when the game developers used to sell training sims to the U.S. military.
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  • The Danza: Jennifer Hale plays Jennifer Mui.


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