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  • International Coproduction: The developers of this game are of different nationalities. WreckingPrograms is Dutch, Mors is Turkish, CosmicGem is Canadian, Zedicon is British...
  • Jossed: Some assets were deconfirmed for the game, including:
    • Reverse gravity, for its implementation requires reprogramming the game altogether, the crew is not enough to do such complex programming and it would create too many bugs to handle.
    • Text boxes, out of fear that the boxes are filled with profanity.
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    • Mega Man X content.
    • Proto Man or Bass as Mini Bosses.
    • Bosses that cannot work at all in uneven terrain.
    • Subverted with having multiple bosses in a stage; initially Luigi1000 & WreckingPrograms were adamant that this feature would not be in the game. However, fan demand for it was so strong (along with requests for the feature from the rest of the game's development team), that they ultimately changed their minds and added it in 1.5.
  • No Port For You: WreckingPrograms listed requests for mobile or console versions among the "Deconfirmed features".
  • Troubled Production: 1.5 had to be delayed in part because WreckingPrograms injured both arms and Luigi1000 had to fend for himself to program the updates.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Custom avatars (featuring Author Avatars) are only available to the game's staff and pre-release beta testers, likely for the same reason the Emblem Editor was removed from the Mario Kart series following Mario Kart DS.
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  • Word of God: Luigi1000 did a locked forum thread to explain how the multiple bosses feature works and what limitations it has.

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