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Trivia / Me Against the World

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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Tupac named this as his favourite album of his own.
    Me Against the World was really to show people that this is an art to me. That I do take it like that. And whatever mistakes I make, I make out of ignorance, not out of disrespect to music or the art. So Me Against the World was deep, reflective. It was like a blues record. It was down-home. It was all my fears, all the things I just couldn’t sleep about. Everybody thought that I was living so well and doing so good that I wanted to explain it. And it took a whole album to get it all out. It’s explaining my lifestyle, who I am, my upbringing and everything. It talks about the streets but talks about it in a different light. There’s a song on there dedicated to mothers, just a song I wrote just for my mother. And it digs deeper like that. I just wanted to do wanted to something for all mothers. I’m proud of that song. It affected a lot of people
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  • Throw It In!: In an interview, AB Money explained how he freestyled the "hey's" in the background for "Temptations", and how Tupac loved it enough to include it on the song.
  • Working Title: Was originally titled Out On Bail.


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