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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Due to their third album not releasing in the US before 2019, the only copies of the songs from that album were from their Anthology live album.
  • Missing Episode:
    • Their Anthology live album (the deluxe version, anyways) is missing 'Just My Luck' from the film of the same name, even though the played every other song they made up until that point.
    • Most of their earliest music videos from their first 3 albums aren't officially available on places like their YouTube channel and the ones that are there aren't in the best quality, despite being shot in higher quality, due to being uploaded back when low bitrates were the norm on the site. They're not even region-locked to the UK like their friends from Busted's. However, a small selection of them are available unofficially in low-quality fan uploads.
  • No Export for You: McFly released their fourth studio album for free in copies of The Mail on Sunday, a UK-based newspaper. So of course, fans outside of the UK were unable to own the album at all, let alone for free. A new version of the album (with additional songs) was later released to buy in-store, making it easier for their fanbase outside of the UK to own a copy.
    • At first, "The Greatest Bits" was a compilation album of B-Sides only released in Woolworths stores in the UK. As if this didn't make it hard enough for non-UK fans to get a hold of a copy, the Woolworths franchise collapsed due to the 2008 recession and all the stores closed down as a result, making this album the rarest and most sought-after of McFly's releases. As of December 2019, a high-quality release has been put on the US iTunes store and streaming services by Island.
    • After a while of not being on the American iTunes Store and streaming services, their third album finally averted this by being available overseas digitally as of May 2019.
  • Sequel Gap: Though they released the single 'Love is on the Radio' in 2013, for a planned 6th studio album, and they released the McBusted album with Matt and James of Busted in 2014, and their live Anthology album, their next proper studio album wouldn't be release for 9 years after Above the Noise.
  • What Could Have Been: McFly's fifth studio album could have been a lot different. According to one interview, a whole album's worth of songs had been written, only for them all apart from 'End of The World' and 'I Need a Woman' to be scrapped, instead starting from scratch to create their New Sound Album, Above The Noise.
    • Not only that, there were apparently plans to release a science fiction themed album. These plans were particularly evident from 'End of the World', a song about the world ending that samples Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds.
    • 'I Wanna Hold You' was originally recorded with 99% very different lyrics.
    • 'Star Girl' was also very different in an early demo version, a version some fans like to refer to as "Good Night" about shooting a movie (probably referring to their love lives feeling like a Rom Com). Listening to this version makes the line, "I don't wanna give you away because it makes no sense at all" in the finished song make more sense, since it's a holdover line from this early version.
    • If McBusted didn't happen, the guys would've finished their 6th studio album by late 2013 or in 2014 and released it instead.
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    • A rumor in 2009 had it that they were in the running for writing a song for the Dragon Ball Evolution soundtrack. They do have a demo of a song called 'Dragonballs' that has the line that they'll find the titular Dragon Balls.
    • The Lost Songs might've originally been called Hyperion if it was released in 2013/14 when it was supposed to come out, given there's a song called that and one of the songs, 'Break Me', also uses the word.