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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Due to their third album not releasing in the US, the only copies of the songs from that album are from their Anthology live album.
  • No Export for You: McFly released their fourth studio album for free in copies of The Mail on Sunday, a UK-based newspaper. So of course, fans outside of the UK were unable to own the album at all, let alone for free. A new version of the album (with additional songs) was later released to buy in-store, making it easier for their fanbase outside of the UK to own a copy.
    • "The Greatest Bits" was a compilation album of B-Sides only released in Woolworths stores in the UK. As if this didn't make it hard enough for non-UK fans to get a hold of a copy, the Woolworths franchise collapsed due to the 2008 recession and all the stores closed down as a result, making this album the rarest and most sought-after of McFly's releases.
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    • After a while of not being on the American iTunes Store and streaming services, their third album finally averts this by being available overseas digitally as of May 2019.
  • What Could Have Been: McFly's fifth studio album could have been a lot different. According to one interview, a whole album's worth of songs had been written, only for them all apart from 'End of The World' and 'I Need a Woman' to be scrapped, instead starting from scratch to create their New Sound Album, Above The Noise.


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