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Trivia / McMillan & Wife

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  • McLeaned: Sally dies offscreen between the fifth and sixth seasons thanks to a contract dispute between Susan Saint James and Universal.
  • What Could Have Been: "Affair of the Heart" was only filmed in season 6 because Peter Falk had passed on it as a proposed Columbo script. Had it been accepted then "Affair of the Heart" wouldn't have been made. Later in 1990, Falk would change his mind and film it as the Columbo episode "Uneasy Lies The Crown". Certain plot points do differ, though a fair amount of dialog is identical. This has led to more than a few of accusing Columbo of directly stealing the plot.
    • This may very well explain why Sgt. Steve DiMaggio wears Columbo's familiar tan raincoat and brown pants combo in the episode.


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