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Trivia / McGee and Me!

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  • The Danza: Sarah Dammann as Sarah Martin
  • Hey, It's That Place!: In the episode "The Big Lie", the house where Mr. Ravenhill lives is the same house that was seen in the iconic music video Thriller.
  • Real-Life Relative: Two sets of examples. The role of Sarah Martin (older sister of Nick Martin; played by Joe Dammann) is played by Dammann's real-life sister Sarah; while Whit Hertford (who played the recurring character Philip) was joined by his sister Chelsea (who played the role of Jamie).
    • For the New Adventures series, Louis (Brent Kelly) was replaced by Jordan (Kelly's younger brother Sonny).
  • What Could Have Been: Early on, "The Big Lie" was aired on ABC as part of ABC Weekend Specials (albeit with the explicitly religious segments cut for commercial space) as a pilot for a possible series run, but the show was never picked up by the network and thus remained direct-to-video only (with the exception of regular broadcasts on TBN's kids block.)