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Trivia / Max Keeble's Big Move

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  • Box Office Bomb: Due to having the misfortune of being released only a month after September 11th, which impacted the amount of money it made as most advertising during that time period was pulled and replaced with public service announcements.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: In the trailer, Jindrake falls out of his chair during the scene where he has Max in his office. The scene still appears in the film, but the part with Jindrake falling out of his chair is absent.
  • Throw It In!: Alex Linz was originally supposed to portray Max as being flustered when he meets Jenna at school, but he flubbed up and chuckled. The creators thought this was better, so they kept it in.
    • A lot of Jindrake's personality was ad-libbed by Larry Miller, basing it on the dean from Animal House.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The movie shows how much of a time capsule it is for the (very) early 2000s not only from obvious factors (i.e. the music, fashion, etc.), but also by having a plot point involving the theft of a Palm Pilot PDA from Dobbs and showing Max using an iMac G3 computer in his bedroom.
    • If you want a specific example on music featured in the movie, the leitmotif of Max's crush Jenna is the Britney Spears song "...Baby, One More Time", which plays almost every time she appears onscreen.
    • The opening dream sequence features a cameo from Tony Hawk, giving more proof that the movie came out during the early 2000s, when Hawk was at the height of his popularity (and extreme sports were in the pop culture spotlight).
  • What Could Have Been: A deleted scene that was originally intended to be used during the first day of school had Dobbs stealing Megan's clarinet in retribution for not only denying him money, but also being sarcastic in the process. Portions of the scene were kept in the flashback when Max plans on getting retribution on Last Day before the move, more specifically her statement that she "keeps it all in a piggy bank, it just looks like [Dobbs]."
    • Also, it was originally intended that they actually show Max being dumped in the dumpster by McGinty, but they decided that was going too far, so they cut it out, and also was not willing to put it in the deleted scenes.
    • Max, when given the swirlie, was originally screaming in pain and anguish, but they toned it down.


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