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  • Acting for Two: While most reviewers do this by splicing together footage or punching at another shot, in this show's case, all of the characters are voiced by Mattwo's storywriter(including a representation of himself as a Metropolice wearing a suit and necktie), though in the case of canon characters, especially female ones, this doesn't usually work very well....
  • Follow the Leader: While Mattwo's storywriter has been inspired to do reviews by the small amounts of review shows he has seen such as Toku Time, Jesuotaku, Nostalgia Critic, and mostly Linkara, it wasn't until he saw ZeltraxMillennium's reviews using MikuMikuDance that he decided to do reviews, as he didn't really have a camera. However, he had no idea that South Jersey Sam had already been doing reviews with a gmod avatar.
  • No Budget: Lampshaded as a Hand Wave to explain why the Equestrian Windigos that appeared before Mattwo and the Ace Wings looked like Azerothian Wendigos.
    Mattwo: Budget restrictions.
    Cloud Ace: What budget?
    Mattwo: Exactly!
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • Season 1: The show didn't actually have a theme song.
    • Haunted Reviews: It's terror time again
    • Xmas Reviews: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee (After being frustrated with the removal of the Alpha's Magical Christmas review, not wanting to wait for the DMCA dispute to go through, Mattwo's Storywriter created a "special edit" of the review, making his feelings towards UMG perfectly clear (in defiance of UMG, who DMCA claimed at least two of these reviews after rejecting the content ID dispute appeals as per the standard YouTube copyright system) in subsequent years since using it).
    • Season 2: "Flutterwonder" by PinkiePieSwear
    • Season 3: "I'll Face Myself(Instrumental)" from Persona 4.
    • Season 4: "Overdrive" by Ron Wasserman from Power Rangers Zeo.
    • Year 3: "Sky's The Limit" from Persona 4: The Animation.
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    • MURICA Reviews: AMERICA F**K YEA!
    • Year 4: Pursuing My True Self from Persona 4.
    • Story Arc 2: Time to Say Goodbye from RWBY Season 2.

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