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Trivia / Mass Effect The Equestrian Equation

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  • What Could Have Been:
    • This blog post by Loyal2Luna goes into detail about how The Equestrian Equation would have ended if readers had opted not to bring the Equestrians en masse out of the simulation. Had they chose Celestia's compromise, Twilight Sparkle would join Shepard's crew, returning in the sequel to gain war assets. Had they chosen to upload the servers Discord would have escaped to the Normandy, killed everybody on board, and left to have his "fun" while everybody left in the system died.
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    • Pinkie Pie would have developed omni-tool "fingers" to deal with their lack of them.
    • Rainbow Dash would have acquired Powered Armor (as shown in the cover art for Shades of Twilight) equipped with "omni-wings" to keep actual wings out harms way in battle. This would have happened regardless of if she was crippled or not.
    • It was originally planned to be a trilogy with the third installment being Mass Effect 3 DLC: Harmony for All.
    • The ponies were to go somewhere other than the Citadel as a "major point of a later arc."

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