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  • Acting for Two: As herself and Juno the Sorceress.
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • 'MarzGurl sings'. Her cover of "Golden Sky" is epic.
    • Not to mention her Japanese skills in Suburban Knights.
  • Creator Backlash: A tragic case unrelated to the actual quality of the product; after she learned about JewWario's sexual predator history, she regretted spending so much time working on Farewell, FamiKamen Rider, which was made as a tribute to him, and has said had she known at the time, the film would have never been made. She thought about removing it outright, but she kept it up because she felt it would be unfair to everyone else who worked on it.
  • Screwed by the Network: Got this bad and frequently at Channel Awesome thanks to its CEO, Mike Michaud, according to her account in the "Not So Awesome" document:
    • Shortly after being added to the site, Kaylyn took Lewis Lovhaug's suggestion of starting her own channel on the now-defunct Blip, as he had done for his series Atop the Fourth Wall. After doing so, Michaud angrily reprimanded her for starting the Blip channel without his permission, and only backed off after she apologized profusely and told him that Lewis had done the same thing.
    • One of Kaylyn's earliest videos on TGWTG was entitled "Animation: A Children's Medium?", which explored whether animation was a common medium for adults as well as children. She described the video to Michaud as "something like a history of animation," which caused him to mistakenly title the video as "A History of Animation" when it was posted on TGWTG. After the mislabeling led to a backlash from viewers, Kaylyn explained the miscommunication that had taken place. This prompted Michaud to furiously confront Kaylyn again and accuse her of trying to make him look bad, and gaslit her into making an apology for his own screw-up.
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    • TGWTG would continue to mislabel Kaylyn's videos despite her frequent requests for corrections, and frequently neglected to post her videos across its social media platforms. She was also never featured, nor scheduled to be featured, on TGWTG's weekly producer spotlight. Kaylyn, who had refrained from logging onto Channel Awesome's group chat on Skype because of her run-ins with Michaud, was left with the impression that Michaud was doing this intentionally to make her "invisible" on the site and compel her to quit. When she did leave in September 2017, all of her videos were unceremoniously erased despite her nine-year contribution to the site.
  • What Could Have Been: She auditioned to be a contestant on King of the Nerds but did not make the cut.


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