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Trivia / Mary Skelter: Nightmares

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  • Actor Allusion: Sisters Thumbelina, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are portrayed by the three members of voice actor/idol group Earphones.
  • Bad Export for You: A bit of an inversion with the Steam release. Japanese gamers can technically buy it, but Ghostlight was only able to license the English script so they won't be able to play in their native language.
  • Executive Meddling: Sony allegedly forced the removal of the touching minigame in the Chinese version of Mary Skelter 2, resulting in a post-release patch that also introduced Game Breaking Bugs. It was one of the earliest signs of what was later confirmed to be a worldwide crackdown on Fanservice in PlayStation 4 games by Sony.
  • I Knew It!:
    • As soon as the Switch port of Mary Skelter 2 was announced for Japan, it was immediately speculated that this port would be localized in order to get around Sony's Fanservice crackdown. Sure enough, an English version was announced for North America and Europe a couple of months later.
    • The twist that Mary Skelter 2 is an alternate timeline rather than a direct sequel was guessed to some degree before the game even released, between the mere premise of the game and the developer's heavy insistence that people play 2 before the remake.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: Par for the course for Compile Heart and Idea Factory International.
    • The official translation of the prologue novel is (for some reason) exclusive to the Limited Edition, whereas the original version was eventually uploaded to the Japanese website where it can be accessed for free. Now that the Limited Edition is no longer available from IFI, those interested in the official translation will have to either buy secondhand or find other dubious means of reading it.
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    • Mary Skelter 2's limited edition contains a visual novel spinoff.
  • No Dub for You: Like most of the Neptunia series and many other Idea Factory International localizations, this is averted with the absolute minimum budget required. Outside of combat and menus, only very major story scenes and the Fanservice cutscenes are voiced in English, whereas all of the character scenes and a much higher percentage of story scenes are voiced in Japanese.
  • No Export for You: The fact that an English version of the original Playstation 4 version of Mary Skelter 2 wasn't announced alongside the Switch version all but confirms that it won't see release outside of Asia, almost certainly due to the aforementioned Executive Meddling.
  • What Could Have Been: The art book shows some early character designs that are drastically different, and point toward abandoned plot ideas.
    • Alice is depicted with longer, possibly blonde, hair and a special bit of headgear to keep the Blood Maidens in control of Massacre mode.
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    • Red Riding Hood at some points would have used massive gauntlets or a giant axe.
    • Thumbelina would have been a more physically oriented character, and what became the Necromancer would have been more of a puppet master.
    • Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were at one point much younger looking, putting them closer to Thumbelina in apparent age.
    • Cinderella had orange hair at one point, as well as a design that looked like a composite of her final design as well as Little Mermaid.
    • Kaguya had designs for walking around, and would have had a massive bladed fan for a weapon.
    • Gretel's design changed little, but she's also presented in the Item Meister job showing a few variants to its development.
    • Hansel would have been a more humanoid giant, slouched over with a candy house on his back. What became his final design, minus the candy armor, would have been the City Streets Nightmare.
    • Rapunzel was at one point designed to be noticeably older than her final design, and sporting a single massive ponytail. The ponytail would later make it into her Mary Skelter 2 design.
    • The final City Streets Nightmare saw multiple changes, slowly becoming less and less birdlike.

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