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  • Creator's Favorite: Gerry Conway while disagreeing with Peter and MJ marrying in the regular continuity, does confirm that he sees her as Peter's true love, and as his favorite supporting character in Spider-Man comics. J. M. DeMatteis, author of Kraven's Last Hunt has also liked her and he said that while he originally planned the story before Peter's marriage and then incorporated it later, he felt that this was an addition that made the story deeper and more meaningful:
    J. M. DeMatteis: "MJ and Peter were a strong, and very real, couple. The marriage deepened Peter as a human being and deepened the Spider-Man books."
    • Though she evidently started as a Creator's Pest given the below point, Stan Lee has also said in the past that he considers MJ a good candidate for his favourite among the non-superhero characters he's created. Which makes some degree of sense given she's the most prominent supporting character in Spider-Man, which was always Stan's favourite of the franchises he created.
  • Creator's Pest:
    • Right from the time of Lee and Romita Sr. and later writers and editors, Mary Jane's popular and compelling character was seen as Spotlight-Stealing Squad from other supporting players and so on, despite her immense popularity with fans. Lee and Romita wrote her to be more unlikable, gave her an ugly haircut at one point, and even had her Put on a Bus and sent her out of state, but fan outcry brought her back just as they liked her. Later writers also sent her out of the comic for extended periods because as Peter's Official Couple, she tended to close the book and age up Peter.
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    • Even before him, previous attempts to get MJ out of the book included editors demanding MJ die and then when that didn't stick that she and Peter be separated at the beginning of J. Michael Straczynski 's run. In large part due to fan demand, the Reset Button was hit on these storylines. Recent attempts have seen MJ become a supporting player in Iron Man comics until Nick Spencer's Spider-Man restored the old issues though who knows how long that will last.
    • MJ's marriage to Peter according to Dan Slott and Quesada was something that was a headache with Marvel's executives and others because they saw Spider-Man not as a character in a story who should and could undergo Character Development but as their company mascot who should appeal to every generation and not be tied to any single point.
    • Matt Fraction who likes MJ as a character and her marriage to Spider-Man noted that writing MJ and interweaving her with a Spider-Man story wasn't easy for writers and editors:
    "I don’t know if Peter Parker was the best Marvel character to be married, and I understand both sides of the argument. When his marriage with MJ worked, it worked very well, but sometimes it seemed like people didn’t know what to do with MJ. Way too often MJ would be relegated to hostage or obstacle. Too seldom did she play the role of supporter, friend or nurturer."
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