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Trivia / Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": A joke says that for a long time, more fans knew of Shuma-Gorath from this series than they did from the Doctor Strange comics.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Capcom originally planned to introduce Karin, Sakura's rival from her Sakura Ganbaru! manga spin-off, as a fighter in this game before they did so in Street Fighter Alpha 3, similar to what they did earlier with Shadaloo Cammy in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The sprites they drew for her fighting stance were already inserted into the game's data (as can be seen here). She was going to be a head swap of Sakura with boots instead of sneakers, bicycle shorts under her skirt instead of bloomers, and different gloves - likely meant to be a Secret Character in the vein of the other Palette Swap fighters such as Armored Spider-Man, Mecha Zangief and Mephisto. By the time Karin was included in Alpha 3, she had her own set of sprites and a different movelist.
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    • According to some sources, Doctor Doom and Iron Man were meant to be in the game, but due to rights issues could not make the roster. Cyclops and Omega Red replaced them instead.
    • This game, along with Capcom's other X-Men fighting games, was planned to be included in Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. However, rights issues and the fact Capcom didn't see Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter as "good enough," prevented them from doing so.
    • Blackheart was apparently going to have a Hyper Combo where he summoned his father Mephisto, who appears as a draconic giant that grabs the opponent and breathes fire on them. Mephisto would make it as a red Blackheart Palette Swap in the main game.

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