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  • Acting in the Dark: Demiurge has declared that movie tie-in characters are made without the full product to watch. This explains two cases where members of the "Villains" group turn out to be a Anti-Villain (Ghost and Talos), and Mysterio being among the "Heroes" when that's just a ruse.
  • Fan Nickname: Almost every character that has a variant has one. Names vary from simple acronyms (OBW, OML), longer names based on their variants (Teen Jean, Patch), Letters 2 Numbers (Strang3,C4rol, Thano5), punny portmanteaus (Gladiathor) to completely original ones (Flaptain). In some cases various combinations of characters even had their own nicknames (Fistbuster).
    • Back when certain 2 star characters were retooled as 3 stars with higher skill damage these 3 star characters were labelled as Lazy characters (i.e. Lazy Thor, Lazy Daken, Lazy Cap) as the developers were deemed lazy to create completely new skillsets and would rather power up whatever skills they already had onto a new rarity.
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    • Although not as universal, people will often refer to different rankings of the same characters with nicknames, such as white Magneto or red Magneto for two and three stars respectively due to the color of their armor.
    • Sam Wilson as Captain America has been popularly dubbed as "Captain Falcon", "Falcap" or "Flaptain".
    • Jean Grey and Hulkbuster are players' go-to team combo that is dubbed as Jean Buster.
    • 4 star Professor X, 4 star Jean Grey, and 3 star Black Widow are referred to as "Charlie's Angels".
    • The team of 2-star Thor, Storm, and Magneto is known as **Thormneto** and is very popular for Deadpool's Daily Quest.
    • 4 star Rocket & Groot and Kitty Pride are a widely overused duo referred to as "Gritty".
  • The Wiki Rule: Of course.

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