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Trivia / Marked for Death

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  • Actor-Inspired Element: The script was written in Jamaican dialect, but Basil Wallace added words to make it more authentic.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Basil Wallace gained 30 pounds to play Screwface. "They wanted me to look big next to Steven".
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The theatrical trailer shows some deleted scenes and extra/alternate shots of some action scenes, shots of John hitting one of the Jamaicans during the mall fight scene and hitting him again with neck chop, a shot of John sneaking around Screwface's mansion, an alternate shot of John hitting one of the Jamaican's during the hand to hand fight in mansion, and a deleted conversation scene between John and Tito Barco is also shown in which Barco asks John "Are you some kind of cop?" and John says "Nah, I'm just a concerned citizen."
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  • What Could Have Been: The original script by Michael Grais and Mark Victor titled Screwface did had the same story and most of the characters but was still almost completely different than the final film, because of massive changes Steven Seagal made on the script and then still went and tried to claim how he came up with the story and wrote the entire script, but after his labor dispute and trial with the Writers Guild of America, they gave the writing credits to Grais and Victor. Some of the bigger differences between their original script and the movie are: John Hatcher was originally called John Stefano and he and his family were Italians; instead of being a DEA agent John was free-lance trouble shooter working for various people on both sides of the law; he also had wife and a child who were killed while he was on one of his jobs; Screwface and his gang were also far more dangerous and vicious; originally in the script during the part where John and his friends attack Screwface's mansion in Jamaica they get captured and are brutally tortured for hours until they manage to break free and take out the first Screwface twin and his men; the ending fight between John and second Screwface twin was far more brutal and it took place in the warehouse belonging to Jamaican gang who were watching the entire fight until right at the moment where Screwface was ready to kill him John finally kills Screwface by shooting him in the head and in the body.

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