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  • Popularity Power: One of the reasons Vecepia won over John in Hawaii.
    So why did Vee wind up winning the final vote?
    Well I'd love to say there was a logistical reason for it. I'd love to say something like "I said that John was going to win in episode one, and I wanted a payoff." Or "John was the better player, and he deserved it more." But I couldn't say that. Vee and John both played outstanding games, and they both deserved it. Either one of them would have been a very deserving winner. Since they had played such incredibly disparate types of games, you could easily say that A was better than B, based on whatever type strategy you prefer. It would make sense either way.
    But here— for the official record— is why I went with Vee.
    I had Vee win because that was who the readers wanted to win.
    There. There you go. I admitted it. Nobody said I don't write to please. It was basically a flip-a-coin choice between two outstanding players, and I decided to go with not only my favorite character in the story, but the one that something like 95% of the readers were dying to see win. I went with the popular audience pleaser. Don't ever say I never gave you guys anything.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: This apparently happened a lot in his All-Stars stories, but especially in Hawaii. Some examples:
    • In episode 12, he changes the entire plot of the episode to "Gretchen goes home because she doesn't win immunity" (As well as an eventual Vee win over Tina), to "Alicia lets Gretchen win, and forces John to send Tina home". Read the remarkably long reasoning for why here.

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