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  • Breakaway Pop Hit: "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" is often remembered as an essential 80's Power Ballad, and less as this film's theme song.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Director Michael Gottlieb got the idea for this film when he was walking by a store window and was startled to "see" a mannequin move by itself. He realized it was just an optical illusion caused by a combination of lights and shadows, but began to wonder what would happen if a mannequin actually DID come to life.
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  • Money, Dear Boy: Meshach Taylor has stated that he played Hollywood Montrose both because he needed to pay his rent and because he was sure no one would see a movie about a man and his love for a doll. He therefore had no problem playing it completely over the top. He is now recognized for this role as much as Anthony in Designing Women.
  • Star-Making Role: As stated above, Meshach Taylor. Although Designing Women started a year earlier, he only had a recurring role in the series until 1988, after this film made him a name.
  • Uncredited Role: David Isaacs and Ken Levine did an uncredited rewrite of the script. They later did a rewrite for Mannequin: On the Move for which they were credited.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the lead part was written to be an older, lonely storekeeper, with Dudley Moore in mind for the role, but when Andrew McCarthy came on board, the part was rewritten to be the part of a young artist.
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  • Working Title: Perfect Timing.


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