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  • Author Existence Failure: Subverted. The disappearance of the main lyricist would be the death knell for most other bands, but after Richey Edwards' disappearance, the band kept trucking on with Nicky Wire taking over lyrical duties fully. And even then, disappearing hasn't stopped Richey's lyrics from turning up after his disappearance in two albumsnote  and an EP.note 
  • Creator Backlash: The band members dislike the version of "Specators of Suicide" that appears on Generation Terrorists, claiming it sounds like "fucking Lion Sleeps Tonight" and prefer the more upbeat earlier Heavenly version.
    • They aren't too happy overall with Gold Against the Soul, as its overtly-polished, radio-friendly production proved to be the catalyst for creating the much rawer and far less commercial Holy Bible.
  • Creator Breakdown: Richey Edwards, especially while writing the lyrics to The Holy Bible and Journal for Plague Lovers.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The anniversary editions of The Holy Bible, Everything Must Go and Send Away The Tigers.
    • Also the book edition of Journal for Plague Lovers - the album, a CD of demos and alternate takes, and a book containing photos of the original lyrics and signed by all three remaining band members.
    • The special edition of Greatest Hits collection Forever Delayed (2002) had a bonus CD of remixes.
    • The limited edition of single collection National Treasures (2011) has a DVD with music videos for all 38 of the Manics' singles up till then, and a book containing photos of the band, mostly Richey-era.
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    • The limited edition box set reissue of Generation Terrorists, which notably included an extra disc of previously unreleased demos. It was in such high demand that it sold out, and people were paying large amounts of money for it on Ebay. The band have thought about getting another pressing done.
    • The deluxe edition of Resistance is Futile has a bonus CD of demos and bonus tracks and a book with photos of the band.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: James Dean Bradfield, after James Dean. Allegedly his father wanted to name him Clint Eastwood first, but his wife threatened to divorce him if he named their kid that.
  • Old Shame: Musically, both Know Your Enemy (except "Ocean Spray" and "So Why So Sad") and Lifeblood are looked at rather dimly. Then there were those stunts they did during their early years...
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  • The Pete Best: Miles 'Flicker' Woodward, their first bassist who left in 1988.
  • Reclusive Artist: Assuming he's still alive, a big assumption to make, under the circumstances, Richey James Edwards would be one of these: he went missing in 1995 and there haven't been any confirmed sightings of him since. 13 years after he vanished, he took this trope to its Logical Extreme: he was declared "presumed deceased"—in other words, Legally Dead. The band has still been keeping his share of their royalties in a bank account since his disappearance.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally the band wanted Kylie Minogue to do vocals for "Little Baby Nothing", but she couldn't do it due to contractual reasons.


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