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The Film

  • California Doubling: Despite being set in Boston, at one point, two characters are clearly driving down a downtown Manhattan street.
  • Follow the Leader: This was one of a multitude of early-90's films that focused on husband and wife characters.
  • Playing Against Type: Among the film's executive producers are Michael Hirsh and Patrick Loubert, of Canadian animation house Nelvana. That's right, from the people who gave us The Care Bears Movie.
  • Production Posse: This marks Josh Malina's second time acting in an Aaron Sorkin-penned script. He plays one of the doctors who assists Jed when he's operating on Tracy.

The Game

  • Creator Killer: This was the final game that Argonaut Software would develop before shuttering.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The game's soundtrack is notoriously hard to find online, with only one full upload existing.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game started out as a bright and colorful platforming game for the original PlayStation, not unlike Argonaut's previous series Croc. Afterwards, it was changed to be a more mature launch title for the original Xbox.
    • Gwen Stefani was at one point going to voice the title character.
    • According to an MTV interview in 2002, it was stated that three songs from No Doubt's then-latest album Rock Steady - the songs being "In My Head," "Detective," and "Platinum Blonde Life" - were to be included in the game, either in their original form or remixed to fit the game's tone.
    • The same interview reveals a very different plot for the game, as well as the original name for Dog God:
    Stefani, who recorded her vocals last week, gives life to Malice, a hammer-wielding, magic-abusing teenager who travels back in time to right historical wrongs created by the evil Nefarious Rex, whom she must defeat in the final showdown.
    • Early ads for the game advertised that early purchases of the game would include a miniature guide book.