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Trivia / Making Kayfabe

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  • Fan Community Nickname: Officially "Kayfabe Community", but "Sexy Awesome" is often used (originated in "Fixing Mike's Awesome", as a name for a Kevin Nash and Mike Awesome team-up). On their Patreon page, "Sexy Awesome" is the name of the upper tier subscription.
  • Permanent Placeholder: The name "Kayfabe Tombola" was meant to be replaced by something better, judging by Season 1 episodes. It never was.
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  • What Could Have Been: "Death Gooker" was a last-minute replacement episode for a fantasy booking that was planned for Season 5 but scrapped at the last minute due to research uncovering uncomfortable things about them. Bryce and Dylan have not publicly revealed who was planned to feature in Episode 10.