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Trivia / Makai Senki Disgaea

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Geneon had released three volumes of their release, but due to their closure, their releases went out of print. Some time later, FUNimation rescued the series and put out their release, but they later lost the home video rights, so their release is also out of print. That said, you can still watch it on their site, and both companies' DVD releases can be obtained without spending too much.
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  • Network to the Rescue: Some time after Geneon's American division went under, Funimation rescued the dub and made a complete series DVD set. That said, see Keep Circulating the Tapes above...
  • Role Reprisal: Many voice actors from both the English and Japanese versions of the games returned to voice their characters in the anime. That said, not everyone returned.
  • The Other Darrin: King Krichevskoy is voiced by Chihiro Suzuki instead of Tomomichi Nishimura. He still fits since Mid Boss is King Krichevskoy.

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