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  • Fake American: Anthony Hopkins as Corky.
  • What Could Have Been: Norman Jewison was originally tabbed to direct, but dropped out after the actor he wanted to play Corky—Jack Nicholson—turned down the part.
    • After Attenborough took the helm, he and Goldman pushed for Gene Wilder to play Corky, but producer Joseph E. Levine felt that Wilder was too associated with comedy for audiences to accept him in such a dark and serious role.
    • Laurence Olivier was offered the role of Ben Greene but had to turn it down.
  • According to the IMDB, Anthony Hopkins was allowed to take the Fats dummy home to work with between shoots. However, he wound up being so unnerved by it that he called the consulting ventriloquist in the middle of the night, threatening to throw the dummy into the canyon if someone didn't come and get it immediately. Richard Attenborough ended up going to Hopkins' house to calm him down.

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