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Trivia for the band:

  • Career Resurrection: Twice. First in the early nineties when they got back together to perform the first Madstock concert, had a number one greatest hits album and re-charted several of their older songs. Second was in 2009 when they released The Liberty Of Norton Folgate, which demonstrated that they were still a creative force and not just another oldies act.
  • Creator Backlash: Most notably the 1986 album Mad Not Mad, which was made after Mike Barson left the group. Suggs famously described this one as "a polished turd".
  • No Export for You:
    • "Driving In My Car" remained unreleased in the USA for many years, probably because of all the British geographical references.
    • The Rise & Fall was never released in the USA, which is especially ironic since their only remembered American hit, "Our House", is from that album.
    • "(Waiting For) The Ghost Train" has never been released in the USA, not even on greatest hits albums.
  • One-Hit Wonder: In the United States, their only big hit was "Our House" and its the song that they are most remembered for therenote , despite having one other Top 40 single ("It Must Be Love"). In the United Kingdom, they were one of the most successful artists of the whole 1980's.
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  • What Could Have Been: Ever wonder why Madness was the only band to perform on The Young Ones twice? The band had been offered a deal for their own sitcom, and The BBC was trying to see how well viewers responded to the band. However, the band's popularity was beginning to wane by the time the project could be green lit, and was therefore no longer a good investment. Fortunately, its failure allowed writers Ben Elton and Richard Curtis to revive a different Britcom.
  • Word of God: "Michael Caine" is supposedly about an IRA informer during The Troubles. Good luck working that out from the lyrics.


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