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  • Actor-Shared Background: She incorporated her own pageant experience into her TNA character - wearing a tiara and sash, and doing a pageant wave as she walked to the ring.
  • Dye Hard: She's naturally blonde, but dyed her hair red in 2006. She bleached her hair when she joined The Beautiful People before changing to brunette since late 2010. She then switched back to redhead after her daughter was born.
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  • Hostility on the Set: Awesome Kong never elaborated but in her You Shoot interview, when Madison's name was brought up, Kong put her in the 'Ho Bag'.
  • Money, Dear Boy: In 2010 there was a minor scandal when Madison missed a series of house shows, and it was rumored that she couldn't afford the travel expenses. She took to her MySpace to claim she only missed them to allow some nagging injuries to heal, but many suspected she was covering for TNA management. At the time she was rumored to be one of the lowest paid people in the company (despite being Knockouts Champion).
  • Name's the Same: A far more obscure Madison Rayne exists, being a model from Urmston, Greater Manchester, England, but that was also a Stage Name (ironically enough, this one also did wrestling outfits, but was not a wrestler).
  • Playing Against Type
    • Was almost exclusively a face on the indies, but she's found most of her success in TNA as a heel. 2014 was the first time she had a real face run in the company.
    • She's a jock whose preferred clothing is jeans and hooded sweatshirts. Luckily the years of cheer leading and pageant experience gave her some practice for the Girly Girl image TNA had for her, but one can tell she's not as into dolling, fashion or fan service as the other Beautiful People or Brittany.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Was a collector of action figures and replica belts while growing up.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were slated to compete for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships at No Surrender. But Angelina was suddenly released from her contract due to issues with her visa, and so Madison replaced her in the match.
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  • Romance on the Set: After divorcing her husband, she would go on to marry former WWE, current TNA commentator Josh Mathews within the year.
  • What Could Have Been: After leaving TNA in 2017 she attended tryouts at the WWE Performance Centre.

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