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Trivia / Made in Heaven

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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Brian May described this as his pick for the band's best album, stating that "it has so much beauty in it. It was a long, long process, painstakingly put together. A real labour of love."
  • Died During Production: Freddie was able to plan for this happening, leaving lead vocals for the surviving band members to flesh out into actual songs, but only managed to record three. Of those three, only one was actually completed in a way that could be fleshed out without altering or adding to the lead vocal track; Brian had to sing the last verse of "Mother Love" because Freddie realised he wasn't fit to continue recording when they got to that verse and, despite planning to finish later, never made it back to the studio, and "You Don't Fool Me" was essentially scraps MacGyvered into a coherent song by the band's producer.
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