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Trivia / Mädchen in Uniform

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  • Banned In China:
    • The film was banned in the USA at first, then released there in a heavily truncated version.
    • An alternate ending that subtly pandered to pro-Nazi ideals allowed the film to be screened in German cinemas for some time in 1933. Eventually, even that version of the film was not safe from censorship and ended up banned as by the Nazi regime. Nazis reportedly attempted to burn the existing prints, but by then several copies had been dispersed around the world.
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  • Dawson Casting: The schoolgirls are supposed to be 14 years of age but are played by actresses in their early 20s. Pretty much all of them are fairly convincing, however.
  • Playing Gertrude: Averted via makeup. Both, Dorothea Wieck (Frl. von Bernburg) and Hertha Thiele (Manuala) are born in 1908. The former is made to look older and the latter is made look younger so the surrogate mother/lover relationship can work.


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