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Trivia / Mad Dog Morgan

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  • Completely Different Title:
    • Brazil: Marked to Die
    • Denmark: Dirty Meat
    • Italy: Hunted for Life
    • Germany: Mad Dog; The Rebel
  • Fake Irish: American actor Dennis Hopper playing Irish bushranger Morgan.
  • Method Acting: Dennis Hopper applied Method Madness to the role, drinking rum as if it was going out of fashion, as the real Morgan was prone to doing, and generally being as crazy and destructive onset as he was on film.
  • What Could Have Been: Alan Bates, Stacy Keach, Martin Sheen, Malcolm McDowell were all considered for the role of Daniel Morgan. Keach was the first choice but disagreements meant his hiring fell through. Sheen was the second choice, and this casting too did not eventuate.
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  • Working Title: Philippe Mora originally wanted to call the movie Insane Canine. During production, it was also known as Mad Dog.