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Trivia / MAGUS

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Trivia page for the Hungarian tabletop RPG MAGUS

  • Development Hell / Schedule Slip: So prevalent that some developers joked that any announced publishing date should be read as: announced date + (number of promises * half year). There are several sourcebooks (like any other books of Summarium besides the first) and novels that never saw the light of day.
    • Even the fan material is plagued by this, like has coming soon on some material since 2010.
  • Executive Meddling: Outside of publisher problems the makers of this game suffered a severe case of We ARE Struggling Together (later Divided We Fall), that couldn't be fully understood to this very day. This is a small bare-bones history in Hungarian.
  • Fan Nickname: For the game: Mákos (Lucky, it also means thing made with poppyseed making it an untranslatable pun), Mókus (Squirrel) or the Nagy Ződ' (Ye Big Green); The d20 edition is also known as the Nagy Fehér (the Big White).
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  • Lying Creator: Well, someone promised those books, that never got published.


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