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For the series:

  • Adored by the Network: For a show that consistently rated in the bottom of the daytime ratings, the show lasted 12 (14 if you count The City) years. ABC showed a lot of love for this show during that time:
    • The show premiered as a two-hour primetime film ahead of the daytime premiere; notably, the pilot included Lloyd Bridges in the original cast.
    • About a year into the show's run, ABC moved the show from a late morning slot to the 12:30pm Eastern slot, displacing Ryan's Hope. The move led to a (slight) uptick in the ratings for Loving, but had the opposite effect on Ryan's Hope. Nevertheless, Loving never came close to Ryan's Hope's own, depressed ratings right before the move in 1984. (Ryan's Hope was moved to the noon slot, where it was often preempted by local stations for newscasts, and ended in 1989- the same fate befell the next occupant of the timeslot, the 1990-91 revival of Match Game, and after that, the 12:00 PM timeslot was abandoned by ABC.)
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    • In desperation to keep the show afloat, ABC assigned its own executives to the show to improve ratings and storylines.
    • Even with its low ratings, ABC commissioned a spin-off of the show called The City, which moved most of the remaining cast to New York City.
  • Prop Recycling: After The City went off the air, its' loft set was used by The View for a few years afterwards.
  • Romance on the Set: Although it didn't last, Amelia Heinle (Steffy) and Michael Weatherly (Cooper) got together shortly after their characters did and had a son.
  • Written-In Infirmity: Amelia Heinle's pregnancy resulted in her character Steffy's pregnancy.


For the film:

  • California Doubling: Although shot on location in Virginia, the scenes in DC were also shot in Virginia.
  • Dawson Casting: 34 year old Ruth Negga as 18 year old Mildred Loving.
  • Dueling Movies:
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Joel Edgerton bleached his hair.
  • Fake American: Both of the leads, actually: Joel Edgerton is Australian and Ruth Negga is Irish (though born in Ethiopia). Mildred Loving also had Native American ancestry, which Ruth of course does not. Sheriff Brooks is played by New Zealander Martin Csokas.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Michael Shannon, best known for playing intense characters, whether good or bad, playing the laid-back and friendly Life magazine photographer Grey Villet.
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    • Nick Kroll is mostly well known for his raunchy and random comedy roles. It's pretty jarring to see him play a politician in a serious drama.
  • Production Posse: Both Joel Edgerton and Michael Shannon had starred in Jeff Nichols's Midnight Special released earlier in 2016. Amusingly their roles are inverted there - where it's Joel's character helping Michael's with his family trouble. This is the fifth Jeff Nichols film that Michael Shannon has starred in overall.
  • Star-Making Role: Ruth Negga had slowly been climbing through the ranks, but the buzz about the film months before its release and the subsequent Oscar nomination turned her into a star.

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