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Trivia / Love Plus

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  • Actor Allusion - There is a live performance event in the game by a Saori Hayami. That is the same name as the voice actor for Takane Manaka.
    Idol Singer「Hayami Saori」Angel Live Performance Chu~♥
  • Fan Translation - As of January 2012, the English patch is considered complete. The Chinese translation was released on Valentine's Day 2010.
    • There's supposedly even a patch to patch the Chinese fan translation from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese.
    • There's also English and Chinese fan translations of the manga.
  • Follow the Leader - After Love Plus became a hit in Japan, a company called Teatime created an adult game called Renai+H with similar gameplay.
    • There's also a doujin company called Grand Cross that releases erotic fangames of popular series but following the game's mechanics. Some examples are Nyaru Plus and Yuru Plus.
  • No Export for You: Despite rumors that Konami is doing "Market Research" for what is presumably a US release for the 3DS versions, this is not likely to happen for both the DS and 3DS versions since the last 3DS version was released 2014 and the mobile version was slated for release August 2018.


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