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  • No Export for You:
    • The animated series runs on Disney Channel in France (as it was co-produced by the Disney Television France animation studio). Considering that the premise is a tween girl living with a single mom who was never married to the girl's dad in the first place, it seems unlikely that Disney Channel or any other children-oriented network in the US is ever going to run it, although things have changed in children's entertainment between 2009 (when the series first aired) and the present day. It did get dubbed into English, however.
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    • The comic books, despite showing said premise in more detail, did get an English-language release...until the fifth volume, and that one only got released in the UK.
    • The only country in the American continent where the animated series has aired is Mexico, thanks to the public channel Once TV, where it got a little cult following despite it only airing for less than a year. The first two volumes of the comic were also translated and released in the country, but their low sales prevented any more from being published.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Since at least 2009, many fansites and even official reports by newspapers/magazines have claimed that Lou's mother is named Emma, basing themselves on an episode of the animated series in which Mina's mother allegedly refers to Lou's mother with that name. A 2018 Q&A with creator Julien Neel debunked this claim, saying that what Mina's mother said in the episode was the French pronunciation of the letters "MA" which simply stand for "Maman" (mom), and that he never gave the character a proper name.

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