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Trivia / Long Road to Friendship

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  • What Could Have Been: The Albinocorn releasted a postscript detailing examples of this.
    • He considered removing the curse in chapter 17, since it had outlived its function, but decided it was so central to the conflict that doing so would effectively end the story then and there.
    • The story was originally planned to cover up until Sunset's graduation, but she was progressing so quickly that the the plot was resolved at half of its originally planned length. This meant things had to be pushed up, like the Sunset/Twilight romance, and that a few things had to be cut. This includes a bit with Twilight's friend Moondancer, who only showed up in the final chapter as a Sequel Hook.
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    • The Princess Twilight doll was given a much larger role than originally intended.
    • He considered having Rainbow Rocks serve as the finale, but decided it didn't fit with this stories tone. There are still a few subtle shout-outs and hints to it, such as a few characters glowing towards the end of the story. Rainbow Rocks did have much more influence on the fic's sequel, though.

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