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  • All-Star Cast: This movie has quite a few big names in it, although some of them could be considered to not have really made it big until after this movie.
  • Billing Displacement: At least some video releases have cameo Bruce Willis' face take up most of the cover.
  • Deleted Scene: When shown on TV, there's some new content. This includes the start of a day at Luger's house (complete with his promiscuous daughter hiding a guy she slept with the previous night), a scene towards the end where Colt has an out-of-body experience, and many more. As with The Naked Gun, these scenes are unfortunately left out of the DVD release.
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  • Divorced Installment: This was originally intended to be a film based on Sledge Hammer!, as the show's creator, Alan Spencer, had a deal with New Line to produce a film for them. However, Spencer hated all of the scripts that were handed to him (since they did not meet the show's plot or tone) and severed ties shortly thereafter.
  • Dueling Dubs: There's a very bizarre case of this in Japan: There's two Japanese dubs, but with a twist: Traditionally, whenever a movie (animated or live action) is released in Japan, each broadcaster produces its own dub of said movie and some Japanese dubs may be released direct to video or theatrically. The twist here is the first dubbed version is a straight dub done in Standard Japanese (aka Kanto-ben), while two second one was dubbed in Kansai Regional Accent, and very likely it was a Gag Dub being the film a comedy. For a better equivalent for American viewers, that would be a movie or a English dub done with standard American English and another version done with southern accents.
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  • In Memoriam: The movie's closing credits dedication reads: "This film is dedicated to the memory of John S. Owens." Owens worked as a boom operator in the sound department in the film industry.
  • Real-Life Relative: Emilio Estevez's brother Charlie Sheen makes a cameo as a valet.
  • Stillborn Franchise: There was every intention to make Loaded Weapon 2. A deal had been set in place before this movie had gone into production, and a poster had even been printed with the caption, "Oh come ON, you knew it was coming!" However, when the movie underperformed at the box-office, the deal was severed.
  • Technology Marches On: When the criminals are making the deal with Mortars and Jigsaw, the latter uses on old-style credit-card imprinting device, and the criminal then asks for the "carbons" — meaning the carbon copy of the card information created by the device. These devices have been almost entirely replaced by modern card payment terminals (based on the magnetic stripe and, more recently, chip-and-PIN styles).
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  • Throw It In!: Dr. Leacher falling flat on his face while restrained was not performed by a stuntman. This was F. Murray Abraham accidentally falling down and hurting himself. The director found it too funny to pass up and included it in the movie.
  • Uncredited Role: Christopher Lambert makes an uncredited cameo as a man on the phone.


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