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Trivia / Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own

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  • Actor Allusion:
    • This isn't the first time Ingrid Nilson played a Deadpan Snarker.
    • Trip Hamston has the ability to rap. Fun fact: Travis Turner can also rap.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: One of the summaries for "Austin La Vista" on Zap2it refers to Trip as Twitch.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Daisy Pittsbull is voiced by a male, Alessandro Juliani, who also voices Galvin and Mayor Perrito.
  • He Also Did: Producer, writer, and story editor duo Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber also created Phil of the Future and Darcy's Wild Life, and wrote for Jessie and Famous 5: On the Case.
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  • International Coproduction: Hasbro Studios in the United States and Boulder Media in Ireland co-produce this show.
  • Missing Episode: MinikaGO in Turkey has skipped the episodes "The Purr-fect Storm," "Spooky Tails," "Fine, Feathered Fortune Teller," "The Incredible Roman and Ray," "The Jade Luck Club," and "Surprise! Paw-Zombies!". The reasons why are unknown.
  • Only So Many Canadian Actors: Naturally affected by this since the show was recorded in Canada. Interestingly enough, unlike many other Hasbro shows that suffer from this, the series isn't co-produced by DHX Media, but rather, Boulder Media which is located in Ireland.
  • Screwed by the Network: Reruns of this series are sparse, despite being a new show and only airing on weekends (which works because it's a quarter-hour series with not that many episodes yet). This even more egregious considering the lack of first-run Hasbro animated programming on Discovery Family since their rebrand from The Hub.
  • Short Run in Peru: Nearly every episode from the first season has aired in another country before the U.S., dating back to the first 16 episodes airing early on TiJi in France. Yes, even the series premiere.
    • In Russia, the episodes "The Purr-fect Storm" and "Spooky Tails" were (possibly) planned to air on the same day as the U.S., but due to a scheduling error on Discovery Family's part, only the former successfully did so, while the latter aired first on Karusel.
    • From there the show got a bit of a breather before episodes 23 through 26 aired a few days early on MiniMini+ in Poland.
    • The biggest example of this thus far is Treehouse TV in Canada and PlusPlus in Ukraine. Since episode 26, new episodes continued to premiere in Canada, while PlusPlus has aired episodes dubbed in Ukrainian every day. PlusPlus would stop at episode 40 and go into reruns, while Treehouse has aired all but the last four episodes before going into reruns as well.
    • Turkey joined in on the "fun" by airing episode 35 early, due to MinikaGO continiously airing new episodes every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They caught up because some episodes have been banned (or skipped over), as briefly mentioned above. But they eventually held back the next day, like Ukraine, and started rerunning the start of the season...
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    • ...And then it resumed airing new episodes on November 21, and by episode 43 the channel started airing episodes early again. Making the madness even worse is that by this time iTunes and Google Play were already releasing episodes way ahead of Discovery Family. However, just like Canada, they also stopped before the last four episodes.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the 2017 HasCon panel, Austin Goldenpup was originally named Duke.
  • The Wiki Rule: The series has A Wiki of Our Own.
  • Working Title: The series was orignally titled Littlest Pet Shop UNLeashed.
    • The TV guide Zap2it revealed some of the original episode titles for episodes 27 and onward during the mid-season hiatus.
      • "Clear the Fear" was originally titled "Fear Factor."
      • "The Jade Luck Club" was originally "Good Luck Jade."
      • "Nine Lives to Live" was originally "As the Hamster Wheel Turns."
      • "Sleepless in Paw-Tucket" was originally "Never to Bed."
      • "Biggest Fan" was originally titled "Nightmare at 30,000 Bleats," as a Shout-Out to a Twilight Zone episode.
      • "The Ancient Art of Clean Fu" was originally "Trip Kwan Do."
      • "Hidden Treasures & Guilty Pleasures" was originally "With Friends Like These."
      • "Take This Suggestion" was originally "Take This Suggestion And..."


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