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Trivia / Little Nemo

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  • Creator-Driven Successor: Before Nemo, McCay wrote a strip called Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, which was about random people having surreal dreams thanks to eating Welsh rarebit (a kind of cheese stew).
  • Referenced by...:
    • The music video for Tom Petty's "Running Down a Dream" is taken straight out of the Little Nemo in Slumberland comics, complete with a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo from Flip, by using a cigar-smoking little imp who looked vaguely similar to Flip but different enough (the comic wasn't public domain yet at the time, unfortunately).
    • The lyrics to "Scenes From A Night's Dream"note  by Genesis, from 1978's ...And Then There Were Three..., describe a surreal nightmare Little Nemo is having.
    • In Neil Gaiman's The Sandman (1989), the sequence featuring Jack Kirby's Sandman character is drawn to look like a Little Nemo strip.
    • A Dream Within a Dream sequence had by the eponymous character of Clarence in "Clarence's Millions" ends in a homage to Little Nemo wherein Clarence briefly wakes up in a Little Nemo-style comic panel before waking up for real.
    • A coldwave band from France named itself Little Nemo in the 1980s. At least one of their music videos directly referenced the strip, 1989's "New Flood".