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Trivia / Little Big

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The Russian band Little Big:

  • Hidden Depths: Ilich, Tony and Sonya intentionally downplay their vocal talents for Little Big.
  • Hostility on the Set: Despite being the one to have originally brought her along to the shoot of the one-time joke video "Everyday I'm Drinking", Anna had nothing nice to say about Olympia.
  • Non-Singing Voice: As alleged by Anna years after she had left the band, Olympia's vocals were provided by another singer. Olympia herself denied the claims, and the band's official statement was "her voice is on the latest album". What doesn't play in her favor though, is that after she left and Sonya took the center stage, the band's female voice didn't change at all. Sonya ended up admitting in various vlogs and podcasts that it was her all along.
  • The Other Darrin: Originally, the recurring character of the evil clown was played by one Yaroslav Andreev. Tony took over starting with the video for "Give Me Your Money".
  • Production Posse: Having come out of the Russian internet vlog culture, the band is friends with many Russian vloggers, such as Eldar Dzharakhov (Ilich's partner from the Klik-Klak channel) or Danila Poperechniy, who might as well be a recurring cast for their music videos. The frontman of The Hatters, Yuriy Muzychenko, is almost guaranteed to show up in any given video, and Florida Chanturia, main female vocalist of Leningrad, seems to be on track to join him. They also seem to keep in touch with extras, inviting them to new shoots if necessary. Also, as shown in various "making of" videos, all of their music videos are produced by the same crew.
  • Romance on the Set: Ilich and Sonya started dating in August 2020.