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  • Cast the Expert: Shiori Sekine is the bassist of the rock band Base Ball Bear, who, like Paran Maum, were formed for their high school cultural festival.
    • One-Book Author: She never acted again after this film and just went on to be a bassist.
  • Dawson Casting: The girls were supposed to be 17 or 18 years old; however, only Yuu Kashii (Kei) averts it since she was 18 at the time of the film's release. Aki Maeda (Kyoko) and Shiori Sekine (Nozomi) were 20 and 19 respectively, but Bae Doona (Son) was 25.
  • Reality Subtext: Done very subtly; Koyama-sensei, the teacher who keeps on eye on the girls throughout the film, is played by Komoto Masahiko, younger brother of Komoto Hiroto (vocalist of The Blue Hearts).


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