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Trivia / Life of Pi

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  • Name's the Same: Richard Parker shares the same name with Spider-Man's father. Bonus points? Irrfan Khan played Curt Connors' assistant in the same movie that featured Spidey's father!
  • The Other Marty: According to IMDB, Tobey Maguire was cast as the writer, and filmed some scenes before being replaced with Rafe Spall. Director Ang Lee felt Maguire was too well-known for such a small role, and his presence would have been too distracting.
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  • The Pete Best: Suraj Sharma never intended to audition, and only went to the casting call to support a friend. He beat out over 3000 hopefuls for the role.
  • Word of God: While the novel/movie leaves it up to the reader/viewer as to which of the stories is true, much like him movie incarnation, author Yann Martel stated that he prefers the first story with the tiger because he believes that it is the better version.
  • What Could Have Been: M. Night Shyamalan was interested in directing.

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