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  • Fan Nickname: Cheese slopes are the most well-known, but other parts, mini-figs and themes have been nicknamed.
  • Follow the Leader: Lego has spawned numerous imitators, most famously Mega Bloks, K'Nex and Kre-O.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Some older LEGO sets can come off as this.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Most say it's popular only because the company wouldn't stop "blowing up". It quickly became a major corporation, and has been gradually getting bigger and bigger, branching out into other avenues of entertainment (series with franchises of their own, movies, commercials, video games, board games, theme parks, etc.) to the point where the creators forget that you are just supposed to build actual plastic bricks with them! Of course, the haters often ignore how the company had eight decades to prepare for this. The book Brick by Brick by David Robertson provides an accessible insight into this phenomenon, pointing out that the company's branching out around the Turn of the Millennium actually decreased their profits, and it was only due to their in-house products like BIONICLE and the then-released redesigns of classic older sets that they managed to avoid bankruptcy. So while the complaint is partially true, LEGO has already learned the hard way how to keep their standard building toys and other departments balanced without relying too much on either.
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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Lego Ideas, previously known during open beta as CUUSOO. Fan-submitted models with 10,000 user votes will be considered for production. Currently, sets based on Back to the Future, Minecraft, and Ghostbusters have been chosen.
  • Older Than They Think: While Lego popularized the idea of interlocking toy bricks, the idea for them originated in 1939 with Kiddicraft's "Self Locking Bricks". Lego didn't start making their own bricks until 1949.
  • Prop Recycling: If Lego makes a new piece for a set once in a blue moon, chances are high that it will end up being reused in a future set or even in new sets released alongside each other, but with the pieces uses in a different context—one example is the fact that Makuta's original set has hand pieces that are just gray versions of Takanuva's Mask of Light. This is presumably done to save on time and money by ensuring Lego doesn't have to make new piece molds for every single set.
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy:
    • Any adapted property that directly involves Lego pieces will be very accurate design wise. The Lego Movie and its follow ups take it a step further by having the movie stay as accurate to the limits of how real Lego bricks can be animated as possible.
    • The movie tie-ins to the Bionicle series are all over the place with this.
    • For the licensed properties, they try to stay as faithful to the source materials as they can while still staying within the limits of the Lego bricks. Their Star Wars sets in particular are famous for how accurate most of them are to their respective vehicles from the movies, especially in regards to the giant sized collectors sets.
    • In many cases, however, film-based LEGO sets wind up as this due to being in the design process before the film is finished, so they go with the concept art they're given and it may not always be kept in the film.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Brickipedia.


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