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  • Alan Smithee: The final issue of the Threeboot Legion, which rapidly tied up all the plot threads before Final Crisis gave us the original Legion again, was apparently written by "Justin Thyme".
  • Creator Backlash: Jim Shooter, after leaving his 2000s run, made a passing remark about Francis Manapul's art. He criticised Manapul deviating from his instructions as well as his less static layouts — which is something he's known for doing with every artist who doesn't use static layouts. Ironically, Manapul is one of the hottest artists of the 2010s and his intricate-yet-readable layouts are widely praised in the industry.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • All of the meddling with Superboy, but most notably the edict to purge Superman from Legion lore after they went out of their way to pull a saving throw to preserve the status quo via the Pocket Universe.
    • Jim Shooter's 2007-2008 run was also subject to it to some degree; his 16 issue story was cut off four issues from the end and he was first forced to add a character, then forced to remove him. He also had to write out two characters for the sake of a larger crossover even though that turned out to be pointless. Details can be found on his blog.
    • How Tyroc was created. The writers and artists were all equally disgusted that the editors forced them to include a black character who was both a stereotypical angry black man and a racial separatist, in a time when racism should've been eliminated. Paul Levitz ignored him completely during the 1980s.
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    • Dan Didio was apparently responsible for the Legion's lack of a series before the Bendis volume, having apparently shot down every single pitch he received from writers who wanted to do their own take on the concept.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Naked Legion — Mike Grell's run as artist for the series, thanks to the infamously skimpy costumes he drew the characters in.
    • The Archie Legion — The post-Zero Hour reboot Legion, both because of the return to the "idealistic" end of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism following the Darker and Edgier "Five Years Later" version that had gone before, and because of the artwork of Jeff Moy, the Legionnaires artist for the first run of the reboot.
    • Another nickname given to them is "Melrose Legion", due to the fact that Jeff Moy's versions of the female Legion members resembled the actresses on Melrose Place, not to mention the fact that quite a few '94 Legion storylines evolved around who was dating who...
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    • Sneckie — The '94 reboot version of Princess Projectra ("Jeckie" for short), thus nicknamed because, unlike the preboot and threeboot versions, the postboot character was a giant snake.
    • Fakefire: The nickname given to fans who loathed '94 Reboot version of Wildfire due to the significant differences in his origins.
    • Jarth — Following Garth "Live Wire" Ranzz's Heroic Sacrifice in the postboot Legion Lost limited series, the character was brought back inhabiting the crystalline body of his former teammate Jan "Element Lad" Arrah.
    • Also see the character sheet for the most common terms used to refer to the different versions of Legion continuity.
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  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Several examples of this throughout the series's history, including one of the earliest examples from The Silver Age of Comic Books: Jim Shooter, a teenaged fan of the series in the 1960s, wrote to the editors of Adventure Comics, arguing that the adult writers were doing a fairly poor job of capturing authentic teenage dialogue and characterization. In response, they let Shooter take over writing duties, and he produced some of the best-remembered stories in the team's history. It also served as his launching pad into the American comic book industry: he later went on to serve as editor-in-chief of rival Marvel Comics, and eventually returned to the Legion in the 2000s in a run that was cut short by Executive Meddling.
    • Also true of Tom and Mary Bierbaum, who were regular fixtures in several Legion of Super-Heroes fanzines in the 1980s before taking over writing duties in 1989, first alongside Keith Giffen, and then on their own. This led to some significant problems with Continuity Porn, Flanderization, and a lot of Ascended Fanon.
    • Dan Jurgens actually has a fan letter published in Superboy #202 in 1974. A decade later he would go on to pencil several issues of Legion of Super Heroes, and wrote the Universe Ablaze crossover with Titans in 2000.
  • Running the Asylum:
    • Jim Shooter began submitting stories and layouts to DC in 1966 at the age of thirteen, after following the series as a fan. He returned to begin writing for the Threeboot incarnation of the Legion at the end of 2007.
    • The TMK run was infamous for sounding like overwrought fanfic elevated to canon. Because it was, in a manner of speaking (though whether or not it was actually overwrought depends on the observer): Tom and Mary Bierbaum (the "TM" in "TMK") were active participants in the Legion of Super-Heroes APA scene in the 1980s, and many of the ideas they introduced when they were writing the title were originally conceived in those pages.
  • Teasing Creator: DC's creators love to tease things about the DC Rebirth return of the Legion. Saturn Girl has been present since the beginning of the relaunch, although no actual Legion comic was announced. Later, at Baltimore, DC would reveal that, when the Legion comic returns, the writer would be Dan Di Dio, Tom King, Hope Larson, James Tynion IV, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens or Yannick Paquette. Tom King wasted no time teasing people, with Saturn Girl making an appearance in Batman, with her drawing the Legion's symbol and Commissioner Gordon's speech bubble in very close proximity saying "who's taking on that burden" note . It would later be revealed that Batman will set up the Legion's return, though no writer for the actual Legion ongoing is confirmed.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Nightcrawler of the X-Men was originally supposed to debut in the Legion. Dave Cockrum tried to sell him as a member of the Legion. When that did not work out, Cockrum worked on the idea of a spin-off of the Legion that would be called "The Outsiders" and would include Nightcrawler. The editor considered the character too funny looking and rejected him.
    • When the Sensor Girl concept was first introduced, she was meant to be a way to restore Supergirl after she died in the Crisis. Supposedly her Kryptonian senses got amplified after her resurrection explaining her powers. But due to the infamous embargo on Kryptonian characters in the post-Crisis DCU, the identity was given to Princess Projectra.
    • Kinetix was going to be the new Emerald Empress in the Reboot Legion, with Jeff Moy having designed an "Emerald Princess" costume for her. However, readers began to suspect this obvious development and instead the Emerald Eye used Shrinking Violet for a host.
    • Jim Shooter's intended ending for his run on the Threeboot series would've involved Invisible Kid's being revealed as Transgender and implanting her mind in a new body modelled after Gazelle, taking the name "Stealth."
    • It's been mentioned ever since the end of the last Legion volume that numerous creators kept pitching their own take on the concept, but Dan Didio shot each of them down.
    • Keith Giffen apparently had the idea of relaunching the Legion continuity as a The Dirty Dozen type of scenario where R.J. Brande was dead, the founders were in Takron-Galtos for his murder, and the Legion was put together from other inmates.
    • After nearly five years of their status being teased, the Legion was going to be officially reintroduced through Saturn Girl's role in Doomsday Clock. However, due to all the delays by the time Brian Bendis was writing the Superman titles he was allowed to introduce a brand new Legion while Doomsday Clock was still going. Doomsday Clock was forced to rectify this by having the Saturn Girl who'd been running around the Rebirth titles vanish as soon as she admitted Superman didn't remember her. Bendis's Legion appeared in the final issue, ostensibly having replaced whatever Legion would've originally appeared.
  • Word of Gay: Reboot Invisible Kid is in a relationship with holo newscaster Condo Arlick. This was stated by the creative team, and made it into the DC Character Encyclopedia, but was never actually shown on-panel.
  • Writer Revolt: No one liked the idea behind the character of Tyroc, especially given that the writers had previously tried to introduce black characters. Mike Grell intentionally made his outfit stupid, comparing it to a cross between Elvis and a football player.


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