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  • Distanced from Current Events: The episode "The Legend of Curtis Ballard" was delayed by one week due to its climax depicting a Muslim young man shooting people in front of a Paris school, just as several shootings happened in Paris in real-life around the time the episode would have been aired.
  • Fake American: Zig Zagged Trope in regard to Odum, who's an American played by English actor Sean Bean. However, he was raised in the UK due to his father being stationed there, which explains his accent, and thus he's sort of English by upbringing too (assuming that background is true, of course-it turns out he was really Russian).
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  • Fake Nationality: American actress Winter Avi Zoli plays Czech police detective Gabi Miskova. However, unlike most examples of this she speaks Czech fluently and puts on the accent, having lived in Prague from the age of 11 (her father is Slovak, coming from the city while it was still part of Czechoslovakia). Ilyana, Tamir, Doku and Katia Zakayeva are also played by Czech, Serbian, Macedonian and Italian actors.


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