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  • Contest Winner Cameo: As its Valentine's Day Episodes, there's a contest where the winner gets to go on a date with a character of their choosing (and yes, several of them have gotten busy). Rayne has only gotten two dates in seven years; one was with a gay man, and the other was a near-disasternote ; the rest has been a pretty even distribution of cast members (John, Mick, Issa, Eric, Cyndi and Jumpmaster Julie have all been picked once).
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  • Creator Backlash: More like artist backlash. The comic's first artist, Trevor Adams, reportedly quit because he didn't like the direction the comic was going. He explains why in an email:
  • Executive Meddling: For an Animated Adaptation that was never made, which has become the subject of much contention between Sohmer, DeSouza, and Teletoon. Blind Ferret had been trying to make a cartoon of their comic since 2007, with limited success beyond a set of shorts. When the idea was pitched to Teletoon, the network demanded a huge number of Cultural Translation changes to make the work more Canadian (such as changing the setting to Toronto, making Issa an Inuit, having Mick wear a Toronto Maple Leafs shirt, etc.), convincing Sohmer and co. to leave. Then in 2010, Teletoon debuted The Dating Guy, a series from Entertainment One and MarbleMedia that Sohmer and DeSouza have openly accused of a hackneyed copyright-friendly ripoff of what would have been the Animated Adaptation (something Teletoon has denied), spurring Blind Ferret Entertainment (along with Randy Milholland) to get a pilot produced independently.
  • Name's the Same: Cyndi Wang? There's a Taiwanese singer by that name.
    • Not that it matters much anymore, since the LICD character's name is now Carter.
  • The Red Stapler: Defied (and more than likely parodied); in the arc where Rayne writes an alternate history novel where he takes over Nazi Germany, one strip shows his new right-hand man wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a Swastika motif. The comic is titled "No, You Can't Have The Shirt" (which, all things considered, is perfectly understandable).
  • What Could Have Been: If not for the ridiculous amount of Executive Meddling (see above), an Animated Adaptation would have actually been made.

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