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Trivia / LawBreakers

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  • Acclaimed Flop: Lawbreakers was met with a positive reception from critics, but the players just wouldn't bite. Sales were low at launch, and the player count only hemorrhaged from there, at one point sinking to a concurrent level of ten people playing it all across the world.
  • Creator Killer: On May 14, 2018, citing the disastrous commercial performance of this game and Radical Heights, CliffyB announced that Boss Key Productions was shutting down. While Heights was technically their last game, Bleszinski attributed Lawbreakers's failure for killing the studio, as Radical Heights was created as a last-ditch effort to recoup the losses of their previous game.
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  • Follow the Leader: There is no denying that Overwatch heavily influenced LawBreakers, both being Hero Shooters with a cast of unique characters that involve special abilities and an Ultimate. It was to the point that CliffyB had to emphasize the differences between the two games in interviews to dismiss the idea that it's an Overwatch clone.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Cliff famously said LawBreakers would be the next "billion-dollar franchise", but seeing as the how the game flopped on an epic scale so hard that it killed the team who made it, it's doubtful anything will come out of LawBreakers again.


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