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Trivia / Law & Order: Criminal Intent

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  • The Cast Showoff: Jeff Goldblum's piano skills were incorporated into Nichols's character, most prominently in his first and final episodes ("Rock Star" and "Three-In-One").
  • Channel Hop: From NBC to USA with Season Seven.
  • Colbert Bump: Jeff Goldblum shamelessly plugged the show whenever he appeared on The Colbert Report, and Stephen Colbert himself guest starred in Season 3!
  • Creator Backlash: Vincent D'Onofrio despises how the series became completely formulaic and how that was compounded by the sheer amount of work required to churn out a weekly network series.
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  • Creator Breakdown: Unlike other shows in the franchise, which are ensemble affairs, CI focused nearly-exclusively on Goren, and required Vincent D'Onofrio to have a punishing workload. D'Onofrio eventually had to be hospitalized for clinical exhaustion, so the producers brought in a second detective team and began the alternating format in consideration of their lead actor's health problems. Goren's weight gain throughout the later seasons of the show is also attributable to D'Onofrio's health issues.
  • The Danza: James "Jamey" Sheridan as Capt. James Deakins.
  • Edited for Syndication: On some channels and during certain time periods (i.e., USA Network in daytime hours), the episodes "Slither" from season five and "Beast" from season four have had certain lines ("He didn't have a pot to piss in" and "She was a restaurant hostess who put coke up her crotch!", respectively) either muted out or removed altogether when aired in syndication, although both lines have been restored/retained elsewhere (possibly due to it being a crucial part of the episode's plot in question).
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  • Harpo Does Something Funny: In the special features of the Season 1 DVD, the producers say that after hiring Vincent D'Onofrio they basically allowed him to do whatever he wanted, leading to many Funny Moments and one of the most distinctive characters in the crime genre.
  • Hostility on the Set: Vincent D'Onofrio confesses to having anger issues that came to a head during the series' early years and he was lashing out even at people who were trying to help. He eventually sought treatment and calmed down.
  • Missing Episode: The episode "The Glory That Was..." has been taken out of rotation since after its first airing due to the Cold Open having a scene with two women in bed together. The episode is not even on the season eight DVD.
  • Name's the Same: The season five episode "The Healer" features a man named Robbie Paulson, who is, thankfully, not connected to the other Rob Paulsen.
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  • Old Shame: Chris Noth considers his time on the show to be this, not because of the show itself, but rather his poor working relationship with Dick Wolf. The men have had bad blood since the controversial removal of actors Dann Florek and Richard Brooks, as well as the firing of Michael Moriarty from Law & Order back in The '90s. Eventually, this led to his own firing from said show after he openly complained about Wolf, which resulted in his character written off as being transferred to Long Island for ten years.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • When Kathryn Erbe became pregnant with her second child, a pregnancy arc was written out for Eames in which she acted as the surrogate mother for her sister's child. This of course resulted in an Obvious Pregnancy later that season.
    • Also the case with Julianne Nicholson; her first pregnancy was avoided by having the character Put on a Bus for the first half of Season Seven, but the second time they wrote it in.
    • When Jamey Sheridan was affected with Bell's Palsy, so was Deakins (who donned an Eyepatch of Power). At times it was obvious the poor guy was visibly struggling with it and was having a hard time saying his lines.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Imagine if Goldblum had decided to film a few more episodes for the series ender. Nichols and Goren cracking a case together would've just been awesome.
    • Apparently, there were plans to write an episode that revealed that Nicole Wallace wasn't dead, but said plans never came around to making it into an actual episode.
    • There were plans for L&O, SVU, and CI to have a major crossover with Goren being the central character investigating a potential terrorist plot. Then 9/11 happened and the plans were abandoned and never revisited while the Mothership and CI were still on the air.
    • Chi McBride was initially considered for the role of ADA Ronald Carver.
    • Bill Moseley was considered for the role of Captain James Deakins.
    • Captain Zoe Callas' original name was Sarah Brooks.
  • The Wiki Rule: Law and Order Wiki.
  • Written-In Infirmity: For Nicholson's second pregnancy.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Carrie Preston has appeared in three different episodes as three different characters.
    • So has Susan Misner.
    • Jay O. Sanders played a memorable killer-of-the-week in one episode back in 2002; he plays Capt. Hannah in the final season.
    • Michelle Trachtenberg guest-starred in "Weeping Willow" having already appeared in the parent show as a different character in "God Bless the Child".


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